Samar Stands By Anupama Written Episode 2 Updated(July 13, 2020)

Synopsis: The episode opens with the Shah household reeling from Anupamaa’s departure. Samar confronts Vanraj for throwing his mother out, while others like Bapuji and Kinjal express their sadness. Anupamaa, meanwhile, busies herself with preparations for Kavya’s surprise promotion party. Despite the distance, a glimmer of hope emerges when Vanraj makes a seemingly innocent remark that reignites a spark in Anupamaa’s heart.

Scene 1: The Shah Household – Morning

Scene 1: The Shah Household - Morning

The atmosphere in the house is heavy with tension. Samar stands in front of Vanraj, his voice filled with anger.

Samar: How could you do this, Papa? Kick Mom out like that?

Vanraj avoids Samar’s gaze, mumbling excuses escaping his lips.

Vanraj: She…she disrespected me. A wife shouldn’t…

Samar: (interrupting) Disrespected? You’ve been disrespecting her for years! Mom dedicated her life to this family, and this is how you repay her.

Bapuji enters, his face etched with worry.

Bapuji: What’s all this noise? Samar, what happened?

Samar explains the situation, his voice breaking as he describes Anupamaa’s departure. Bapuji sighs deeply, a sense of helplessness washing over him.

Scene 2: Kavya’s Apartment – Morning

Anupamaa hums a tune as she unpacks groceries. Despite the inner turmoil, she throws herself into preparations for Kavya’s surprise party.

Flashback: Kavya shares the news of her promotion with Anupamaa, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

Kavya: Anupamaa, I got promoted! I can’t believe it!

Anupamaa: (beaming) Kavya, that’s fantastic news! I’m so proud of you!

Scene 3: Shah Household – Later

Vanraj enters the living room, a restless energy about him. He absentmindedly picks up a newspaper and flips through the pages. His eyes land on an advertisement for a dance competition.

Vanraj: (to himself) Garba competition…used to love dancing with Anupamaa in those.

Scene 4: Kavya’s Apartment – Evening

The apartment is filled with laughter and chatter. Kavya walks in, surprised and delighted to see everyone gathered for her. Anupamaa, despite the forced smile, watches Kavya soak in the moment.

Scene 5: Shah Household – Later that Night

Anupamaa watches a video on her phone, a Garba song playing in the background. The memory of dancing with Vanraj at similar competitions floods her mind. A single tear rolls down her cheek.

Scene 6: Shah Household – Next Morning

Vanraj enters the kitchen and finds Anupamaa’s forgotten phone on the counter. He unlocks it with practiced ease (established in previous episodes) and sees the Garba video playing. A flicker of something crosses his face.

Vanraj: (to himself) Anupamaa still watches these old videos…

He places the phone back on the counter, a thoughtful expression lingering on his face.

Scene 7: Kavya’s Apartment – Phone Call

Anupamaa receives a call from Vanraj. Her heart skips a beat.

Vanraj: (on phone) Anupamaa, there’s a Garba competition coming up. Remember the one we used to participate in?

Anupamaa’s breath catches. Hope flickers in her eyes. Could this be a sign?

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the audience to wonder if Vanraj’s call signifies a potential reconciliation or is merely a passing thought. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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