Anupamaa Episode 34 Written Updated(November 5 2022)

Anupamaa Episode 34

The Shah household simmers with tension. Paritosh and Samar, Anupama’s sons, clash over something, their voices echoing through the house. Vanraj, Anupama’s estranged husband, throws fuel on the fire with an impulsive action that leaves everyone stunned. Anupama, the ever-composing center of the family, absorbs the shock. Refusing to let the family unravel, Anupama sets … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 33 Written Updated (November, 1 2022)

Anupamaa episode 33

Synopsis: Tensions rise at the Shah household as Kinjal’s mother, Rakhi, criticizes Anupamaa’s education and background. When Rakhi disrespects Anupamaa, Vanraj takes a surprising step that shocks everyone. Scene 1: The Shah house bustles with activity as preparations for Kinjal’s baby shower are underway. Rakhi supervises the decorations, subtly criticizing Anupamaa’s taste. Anupamaa, ever gracious, … Read more

Anupama Episode 29 Written Updated(Oct, 21 2022)

anupamaa episode 29

Anupamaa bustles around the kitchen, a whirlwind of activity. Pots clatter, spices fill the air, and decorations adorn the walls. Today is Janmashtami, a special Hindu festival, and the Shah household is buzzing with preparations. INT. SHAH HOUSE – LATER Samar, Anupamaa’s youngest son, bursts into the kitchen, a mischievous grin plastered on his face. … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 28 Written Updated(Oct,18 2022)

Anupamaa Episode 28

The episode opens with tension brewing between Anupamaa and Devika. Devika expresses her disapproval of Anupamaa constantly sacrificing for the Shah family, particularly Vanraj. Anupamaa, ever the peacemaker, tries to downplay the situation. However, their conversation escalates into a heated exchange, revealing a simmering resentment within Devika. Meanwhile, Vanraj, still fixated on Kavya, continues his … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 27 Written Updated(Oct, 15 2022)

Anupamaa episode 27

Anupamaa and Devika spend a heart-to-heart night catching up. Devika notices a strange tension in Anupamaa, a hollowness beneath her usual dedication to family. As they talk, Anupamaa confides her frustrations about feeling lost and unappreciated. Devika, with her modern outlook, challenges Anupamaa’s selflessness. She questions if prioritizing everyone else has caused Anupamaa to lose … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 25 Written Updated(Oct, 02 2022)

anupama episode 25 feature image

A Fresh Start Anupama, determined to reclaim her identity, embarks on a journey of self-discovery amidst challenges, inspiring viewers with her resilience. Family Dynamics The episode explores the intricate dynamics within Anupama’s family, revealing tensions, connections, and the universal struggles of balancing personal aspirations with familial responsibilities. Unveiling Secrets Long-held secrets come to light, testing … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 24 Written Updated(30, Sept 2022)


The Shah household is buzzing with worry. Shruti, Kavya’s sister, hasn’t been well, and Kavya is stretched thin caring for her. Meanwhile, Anupamaa is preoccupied with her challenges Vanraj’s constant disapproval and Toshu’s disappearance. Suddenly, Anuj calls Anupamaa in a panic. Their business partner, Akash, has backed out of a crucial project, leaving them in … Read more