Anupama to Showcase Her Skills written episode 5 updated(13 July 2020 )


Tense Breakfast The Shah household simmers with tension. Vanraj avoids Anupamaa and the kids, upset about Toshu quitting his job for music. Anupamaa tries to bridge the gap, pleading with Vanraj to support Toshu’s dream. She suggests it could be a “second chance” for them to understand each other. Samar’s Support Meanwhile, Samar rallies behind … Read more

Anupama’s Special Day Anupamaa written episode 3 update(Wed, Jul 15, 2020)

Anupama's Special Day

The episode opens with Anupamaa preparing for her birthday. There’s a festive atmosphere as she cooks and decorates, excited to celebrate with her family. Her son, Samar, notices something strange, possibly related to Vanraj or Kavya. The celebration begins, and everyone seems happy. Anupamaa receives well wishes and gifts. However, the mood shifts dramatically when … Read more

Samar Stands By Anupama Written Episode 2 Updated(July 13, 2020)

anupama episode 2

Synopsis: The episode opens with the Shah household reeling from Anupamaa’s departure. Samar confronts Vanraj for throwing his mother out, while others like Bapuji and Kinjal express their sadness. Anupamaa, meanwhile, busies herself with preparations for Kavya’s surprise promotion party. Despite the distance, a glimmer of hope emerges when Vanraj makes a seemingly innocent remark … Read more