Anupamaa Episode 25 Written Updated(Oct, 02 2022)

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A Fresh Start Anupama, determined to reclaim her identity, embarks on a journey of self-discovery amidst challenges, inspiring viewers with her resilience. Family Dynamics The episode explores the intricate dynamics within Anupama’s family, revealing tensions, connections, and the universal struggles of balancing personal aspirations with familial responsibilities. Unveiling Secrets Long-held secrets come to light, testing … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 24 Written Updated(30, Sept 2022)


The Shah household is buzzing with worry. Shruti, Kavya’s sister, hasn’t been well, and Kavya is stretched thin caring for her. Meanwhile, Anupamaa is preoccupied with her challenges Vanraj’s constant disapproval and Toshu’s disappearance. Suddenly, Anuj calls Anupamaa in a panic. Their business partner, Akash, has backed out of a crucial project, leaving them in … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 23 Written Updated(23, Sept 2022)


Focus on Vanraj’s infidelity: The revelation of Vanraj’s affair with Kavya would be a central plot point. This could involve Anupamaa confronting Vanraj, emotional outbursts, and family members coming to terms with the situation. Initial friction between Anupamaa and Kavya: As Vanraj’s relationship with Kavya becomes more apparent, Kavya would likely have their first clashes. … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 22 Written Updated(10, Sept 2022)

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The episode opens with Anupamaa’s cafe, “The Samar Cafe,” buzzing with activity. It’s the grand opening, and the Shah family (minus Vanraj) is there to support her. Kavya, however, is conspicuously absent. Anupamaa, nervous yet excited, greets customers and oversees the kitchen. Meanwhile, in America, Anuj receives a call from the hospital. Adi is experiencing … Read more

Anupamaa – Episode 20 Written Updated(01, Sept 2022)

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Anupamaa is fed up! Tired of taunts about her dance academy, she explodes on Vanraj. “It’s my turn now!” she declares, prioritizing her dream. The family is shocked. Baa scoffs, but Anupamaa’s brother, Anirudh, supports her. He invites her to celebrate Raksha Bandhan where she’ll be valued. Anupamaa feels the love and belonging she craved. … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 18 Written Updated (26,Aug 2022)

Anupamaa Episode 18

The Shah house simmers with tension. Anupama, tear-stained but resolute, stands in the living room, her bags packed. Vanraj, eyes hardened, avoids her gaze. Baa throws Kavya a pointed look, muttering about “breaking families.” An emotional showdown has just transpired. Vanraj, emboldened by Kavya’s presence, demanded Anupama sign over the property papers – a demand … Read more

Anupamaa Episode 17 Written Updated(23,Aug 2022)

Anupamaa Episode 17

Sunlight streams through the window, illuminating a cluttered kitchen. Anupamaa (40s) frantically washes dishes, her eyes glued to the clock on the wall. Sweat beads on her forehead. ANUPAMAA (to herself) 9:15 already! Vanraj must be livid. Where is my phone? She searches the counter, the sink, and even her saree’s pockets. An unsettling feeling … Read more