Anupama’s Special Day Anupamaa written episode 3 update(Wed, Jul 15, 2020)

The episode opens with Anupamaa preparing for her birthday. There’s a festive atmosphere as she cooks and decorates, excited to celebrate with her family. Her son, Samar, notices something strange, possibly related to Vanraj or Kavya.

The celebration begins, and everyone seems happy. Anupamaa receives well wishes and gifts. However, the mood shifts dramatically when Vanraj makes a shocking announcement. There are two possibilities for what Vanraj might reveal: He confesses his affair with Kavya: This would be a major turning point in the series. Anupamaa would be devastated, and the family dynamic would be thrown into chaos.

He announces his intention to leave Anupamaa: This could be due to his feelings for Kavya or simply a desire for change.

Regardless of the specific details, Anupamaa is left heartbroken and humiliated. The episode ends with her grappling with the revelation and the uncertain future it presents.

He announces his intention to leave Anupamaa

Possible additional scenes:Anupamaa’s sacrifices for the family. Conversations between Anupamaa and her friends or family members who offer support.A glimpse into Kavya’s perspective on the situation.

Vanraj drops a truth bomb shattering Anupamaa’s birthday joy. Tears welling, she stares ahead, the future uncertain. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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