Anupamaa Written Episode 6 Updated (06-May-2021)


Excitement fills the Shah household as Pakhi prepares for her school fair. Anupama throws herself into helping, eager to connect with her daughter. However, Vanraj’s disapproval and a hidden project create tension. Meanwhile, Samar struggles with fitting in with his new friends.

Scene 1: The Grand Plan

Setting: The Shah living room. Anupama rummages through a trunk, pulling out colorful fabrics and beads. Pakhi (12), dressed in a vibrant kurti, bounces excitedly beside her.

Anupama: (Holding up a shimmering dupatta) Look at this, Pakhi! Perfect for your stall at the fair!

Pakhi: (Eyes sparkling) Wow, Mumma! This is amazing! We can make beautiful rakhis!

Anupama: (Smiling) Rakhis? But it’s not Raksha Bandhan yet!

Pakhi: This is different, Mumma. It’s a “Friendship Rakhi” project. We have to create something that represents friendship.

Vanraj: (Enters the room, newspaper in hand) What’s all this noise about?

Pakhi: Papa! We’re making friendship rakhis for the school fair! Can you help us cut the cloth?

Vanraj: (Scoffs) Rakhis? What a waste of time. You should be studying for your exams, not playing with threads.

(Anupama’s smile falters, but she maintains her composure.)

(Anupama's smile falters, but she maintains her composure.)

Anupama: (Calmly) Vanraj, it’s for a school project. It’s important for Pakhi to participate.

Vanraj: (Grumbling) Fine. But don’t come crying to me when your grades suffer.

(He throws the newspaper on the couch and exits.)

Pakhi: (Pouts) Papa doesn’t understand.

Anupama: (Holds Pakhi’s hand) Don’t worry, beta. We’ll make the best rakhis ever. Let’s show him what friendship is all about!

**(Pakhi beams, and they continue planning their project.)

Scene 2: A Hidden Desire

Setting: Pakhi’s room. Papers and sketches are scattered on her desk. Anupama helps Pakhi cut out fabric for the rakhis.

Anupama: So, tell me, Pakhi, who are you making these rakhis for?

Pakhi: (Hesitates) Well… there’s Shivani, of course, and Aditi… but mostly…

Anupama: (Encouragingly) But mostly who?

Pakhi: (Whispers) Samar.

Anupama: (Surprised) Samar? Why didn’t you say so?

Pakhi: (Blushing) I don’t know… he doesn’t seem to want to be friends with anyone new. He just sits alone at lunch, playing that stupid game.

Anupama: (Concerned) Have you tried talking to him?

Pakhi: (Shakes her head) He just pushes everyone away.

Anupama: Maybe a special rakhi will break the ice, hmm? What kind will you make for him?

(Pakhi’s eyes light up as she reveals a hidden sketch: a rakhi made with guitar strings and a miniature gaming controller.)

Scene 3: A Bridge Between Brothers

Setting: The school cafeteria. Samar (16) sits alone, glued to his phone, ignoring the chatter around him. Pakhi approaches hesitantly, holding out a rakhi.

Pakhi: (Timidly) Samar? I made this for you.

Samar: (Glances up, surprised) A rakhi? What’s this for?

Pakhi: It’s a friendship rakhi. It symbolizes the bond between friends, even if they’re different. I know you like music and gaming, so…

(Samar stares at the unique rakhi, a flicker of emotion crossing his face.)

Samar: (Mumbling) Thanks, Pakhi.

(He ties the rakhi on his wrist, a small smile playing on his lips.)

Pakhi: (Beaming) You’re welcome, Samar! Maybe we can play a game together sometime? Or you could show me some of your music?

Samar: (Hesitates, then shrugs) Maybe.

(They both sit down at the table, a tentative friendship blossoming amidst the school fair’s bustle.)

This episode ends with Pakhi’s school project bringing siblings closer and winning first prize. Anupama connects with Samar through music. Vanraj observes with a hint of regret, hinting at future complications. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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