Anupamaa Episode Written Updated 30 (Oct, 25 2022)

Anupamaa Festive decorations adorn the living room. Diyas cast a warm glow, and the scent of incense hangs heavy in the air. Anupama, in a vibrant yellow saree, meticulously arranges a plate of sweets. Kinjal, in a comfortable pink kurta, watches her with a smile.


Wow, Anupama Aunty, the house looks amazing! You always go all out for these festivals.

ANUPAMA (Beaming)

Janmashtami is special, Kinjal. A celebration of love, devotion, and new beginnings. Especially for you, with your little miracle arriving soon.

Kinjal’s hand instinctively goes to her baby bump. A wave of emotions crosses her face.


Sometimes, I get scared. What kind of mother will I be? Am I ready for this responsibility?

ANUPAMA (Placing a hand on Kinjal’s)

You’ll be the most wonderful mother, Kinjal. Motherhood is a journey, and we learn with every step. Trust your instincts, cherish every moment, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You have us, your whole family.

The doorbell rings. Anupama smiles.


That must be Kavya. Come on, let’s welcome her.

KINJAL (Hesitantly)

Are you sure this is a good idea?

ANUPAMA (Gently)

Anupamaa Why wouldn’t it be? Janmashtami is a time for forgiveness and togetherness. Besides, Kavya needs us, especially now with the baby coming.

Anupama opens the door to reveal Kavya, dressed in a stylish yet festive outfit. A strained smile plays on her lips.


Hi everyone, Happy Janmashtami!

VANRAJ (Entering from behind, voice flat)

Kavya. You came.

KAVYA (Eyes narrowing)

Of course, I did. Anupama invited me.

The atmosphere feels thick with tension. Kinjal retreats to another corner, sensing the awkwardness. Anupama, ever the peacemaker, claps her hands.


Wonderful! Now, let’s get this puja started. Kinjal, can you help me bring the thali?

Kinjal nods and disappears into the kitchen. Anupama gestures towards the living room.


Anupamaa Please, Kavya, make yourself comfortable. I just need to arrange a few more things.

Kavya sits down, her gaze flitting between Anupama and Vanraj. Vanraj avoids her eyes, a strange nervousness clouding his usual confident demeanor. Just then, another knock on the door breaks the silence. Anupama goes to answer.

ANUPAMA (Surprised)

Mahi! What a surprise!

A woman, Anupama’s age with a warm smile, enters the house. Vanraj’s head snaps up, his eyes widening in shock. Kavya notices the sudden change in his expression and follows his gaze to the newcomer. END SCENE For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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