Anupamaa Episode 26 Written Updated(Oct, 9 2022)

The Shah living room is a mess of emotions. Anupama sits stiffly on the sofa, a cup of untouched tea in her hand. Baa paces back and forth, worry etched on her face. Vanraj stands by the window, fuming, while Kavya watches from the doorway, a smug smile playing on her lips.

BAA (Wringing her hands) This is all your fault, Vanraj! Why did you have to create such a scene in front of everyone?

VANRAJ (Turning around, voice laced with anger) It wasn’t a scene, Maa! Anupama just had to make a big deal out of everything!

SAMAR (Jumping in, voice tight) Oh, so it wasn’t a big deal that you were lying to all of us? To Mom?

VANRAJ (Shouting) Samar, stay out of this! This is between me and your mother!

ANUPAMA (Calmly, but with a hint of steel in her voice) Samar is right, Vanraj. This does concern all of us. Your actions affect this entire family.

VANRAJ (Scoffs) Oh, please! Don’t act so innocent! You knew about it all along, didn’t you?

ANUPAMA (Stands up, voice firm) That’s not the point! The point is the disrespect, the lies. You could have told us the truth.

KAVYA (Calling out from the doorway) He didn’t lie, Anupama. He just didn’t tell you everything.

Everyone turns to stare at Kavya. Her smile falters for a moment, but she quickly regains her composure.

BAA (Glaring at Kavya) You stay out of this too, Kavya! This is a family matter.

VANRAJ (Ignoring Kavya, to Anupama) Look, Anupama. This situation isn’t ideal, I know that. But can we just talk about this calmly?

ANUPAMA (Shakes her head, tears welling up in her eyes) There’s nothing left to talk about, Vanraj.

BAPUJI (Entering the room, his voice heavy with disappointment) What’s all this noise?

The room falls silent. Everyone looks towards Bapuji.

VANRAJ (Looks down, avoiding Bapuji’s gaze) It’s nothing, Bapuji. Just a… misunderstanding.

BAPUJI (Sighs) Misunderstandings don’t break families, Vanraj.

The scene fades out as Bapuji walks towards Anupama, concern etched on his face.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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