Anupamaa Episode 22 Written Updated(10, Sept 2022)

The episode opens with Anupamaa’s cafe, “The Samar Cafe,” buzzing with activity. It’s the grand opening, and the Shah family (minus Vanraj) is there to support her. Kavya, however, is conspicuously absent. Anupamaa, nervous yet excited, greets customers and oversees the kitchen.

Meanwhile, in America, Anuj receives a call from the hospital. Adi is experiencing stomach cramps again, and the doctors want to run more tests. Anupamaa rushes to the hospital, leaving Anuj to manage their online cooking class alone. He struggles, his mind preoccupied with Adi’s health.

Back in India, the cafe is a success. Customers rave about the food, and Anupamaa receives praise for her entrepreneurial spirit. However, amidst the celebration, Rakhi Dave arrives, uninvited. She creates a scene, questioning Anupamaa’s ability to manage a business and a family simultaneously, implying Kavya’s absence is a sign of trouble. A heated argument ensues, leaving everyone flustered.For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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