Anupamaa Episode 19 Written Updated(29, Aug 2022)

Previously on Anupamaa: Anupama excitedly shared her job as a cooking instructor at a school. Kinjal’s mother, Leela, visited the Shah house and expressed her desire for Kinjal to focus on studies after marriage.

Scene 1:


Anupama returns home, exhausted. Vanraj notices her state and asks about her day. Leela sits beside him, listening intently.

Anupama: (Sighs) Today was a long day.

Vanraj: Did the kids give you a hard time again?

Leela: (Scoffs) Kids? She’s a teacher, Vanraj, not a babysitter.

Anupama hesitates, then reveals, “Actually, Leena Madam fired me.”

Vanraj and Leela: (In unison) What?!

Leela: Fired? But why?

Anupama: She said they wanted someone with more experience.

Vanraj: (Smirks) See, Anupama? I told you this wouldn’t work. You can’t just jump into a new profession without proper qualifications.

Anupama: (Hurt) I was trying, Vanraj.

Leela: (Ignoring Anupama) This is not good at all. Kinjal’s wedding is approaching, and now this financial burden…

Scene 2:


Anupama sits on the bed, lost in thought. Samar enters, holding a book.

Anupama sits on the bed, lost in thought. Samar enters, holding a book.

Samar: Mom, what are you doing?

Anupama: Just thinking.

Samar: About the job? Don’t worry, you’ll find something better.

Anupama: I hope so. But what about your education, Samar? I don’t want you to neglect it because of me.

Samar: Relax, Mom. I’ll manage. We’ll manage. You just need a fresh start. Did you think about that dance class idea again?

Anupama’s eyes light up. “The dance academy! I completely forgot!”

Scene 3:


Anupama announces her plan to open a dance academy. Vanraj scoffs, and Leela expresses skepticism, but Samar and Toshu show strong support.

Anupama: I know it’s a risk, but I’m passionate about dance. I can teach others and earn a living too.

Leela: But who will come to your academy? You’re not a professional dancer.

Toshu: Mom can do anything she sets her mind to. We can help spread the word.

Anupama: Thank you, Toshu.

Vanraj: This is all a waste of time. You’ll just fail again.

Anupama: (Determined) We’ll see about that, Vanraj. This time, I’m doing it for myself.

Scene 4:


A small, rented space has been transformed into a vibrant dance studio. Anupama leads a group of women in a lively dance session. They laugh and encourage each other.

Leela: (Enters, surprised) I came to see this disaster for myself, but this… this is good!

Anupama: (Smiles) Thank you, Leela. It’s been a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it.

Scene 5:


Vanraj watches Anupama on TV. A news report highlights her dance academy and its positive impact on women in the community. A flicker of respect shows in his eyes.

Samar: (Nudges Vanraj) See, Dad? Mom’s doing great!

Vanraj: (Grunts) Whatever. Just don’t expect me to join your dance classes.

Samar: (Laughs) Never thought I’d see the day!

The episode ends with Anupama leading her students in a powerful dance performance, symbolizing her newfound independence and strength. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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