Anupamaa Episode 15 Written Updated(09-Aug-2022)

Scene: Shah Household – Bedroom (Night)

Anupama folds clothes, a frown etching lines on her forehead. Vanraj enters, humming a tune, oblivious to her worry.

Vanraj: Everything alright, Anu? Still tired from the celebrations?

Anupama: (Puts down a shirt) Not really. Just thinking.

Vanraj: (Approaching) Thinking about what? Planning your grand shopping spree with the bonus?

He tries to lighten the mood, but Anupama doesn’t smile.

Anupama episode 15

Anupama: We need to talk, Vanraj. About the money.

Vanraj: (Suspicion flickering in his eyes) Talk? What about it?

Anupama: (Sitting down) These extra work expenses… you never mentioned them before. And then there was that call…

Vanraj: (Cutting her off) What call? Just a colleague congratulating me. Nothing important.

Anupama: (Meeting his gaze) Was it Kavya?

Vanraj freezes, his forced smile faltering. Anupama’s voice softens but remains firm.

Anupama: Vanraj, whatever it is, you can tell me. We can face anything together, as long as we’re honest.

Vanraj avoids her eyes, and his internal struggle is evident. The silence hangs heavy in the air. Will he finally reveal the truth, or will he continue down a path of secrecy? The scene fades to black, leaving viewers to ponder Vanraj’s decision. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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