Anupamaa Episode 13 Written Updated(6 May,2022)

Anupamaa is sad and confused after Vanraj’s confession. She doesn’t know how to face him or Kavya. Kinjal notices Anupamaa’s sadness and tries to comfort her like a good daughter-in-law.

At work, the students ask Anupamaa if everything is alright because she seems down. Anupamaa smiles bravely and says everything is fine, but deep inside she feels lost.

Samar is angry with his father and refuses to talk to him. Vanraj tries to apologize but Samar walks away. Frustrated, Vanraj talks to Kavya but they argue instead.

Anupama episode 13

Anupamaa finds an old photo album filled with happy memories of her family. Looking at the pictures, she remembers the love and laughter they once shared. Tears well up in her eyes.

Later that day, Bapuji notices Anupamaa lost in thought. He sits beside her and they talk about life. Anupamaa confides in Bapuji about her feelings and her confusion. Bapuji gives her some wise advice, reminding her of her strength and resilience.

Encouraged by Bapuji’s words, Anupamaa makes a decision. She walks up to Vanraj and tells him calmly that things cannot go on this way. The episode ends with Anupamaa waiting for Vanraj’s response, leaving the viewers wondering what the future holds for their relationship. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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