Anupama to Showcase Her Skills written episode 5 updated(13 July 2020 )

Tense Breakfast

The Shah household simmers with tension. Vanraj avoids Anupamaa and the kids, upset about Toshu quitting his job for music. Anupamaa tries to bridge the gap, pleading with Vanraj to support Toshu’s dream. She suggests it could be a “second chance” for them to understand each other.

Samar’s Support

Meanwhile, Samar rallies behind Toshu. Their dream of a music venture takes shape. Samar proposes a small cafe, suggesting they approach Anupamaa for a loan. Toshu hesitates, but Samar convinces him.

Anupamaa’s Belief

Anupamaa's Belief

Toshu, nervous, confides in Anupamaa. Her eyes shine with pride. She readily agrees to the loan, calling it an investment in his dream. Toshu is touched by their bond strengthening.

Second Chances Bloom

Weeks later, a transformed space bustles – “Second Chances,” their music cafe. Anupamaa helps with the final touches. Vanraj stands at the entrance, a hint of curiosity replacing his disapproval.

A Glimmer of Hope

Anupamaa notices Vanraj’s softening stance. As the cafe prepares to open, a flicker of hope ignites within her. Maybe “Second Chances” isn’t just for Toshu’s music – it could be a chance for reconciliation within the family.

“Second Chances” cafe opens, music fills the air. Hope blossoms as Anupamaa’s melody intertwines with the promise of reconciliation. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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