Anupama Episode Written 32 Updated (Oct,30 2022)

The festive air crackles with tension in the Shah household. Janmashtami celebrations take a turn for the worse when Kinjal’s mother, Rakhi, arrives decked out in heavy jewelry and a flashy saree. Anupama clashes with Rakhi, who criticizes Kinjal’s simple attire and implies the Shah family isn’t good enough.

Meanwhile, a dance competition heats things up. Vanraj and Anupama, unexpectedly paired together, surprise everyone with a delightful performance. However, their chemistry on stage fuels Kavya’s jealousy, and she fumes silently on the sidelines.

Rakhi uses this opportunity to further her attack. She throws barbs at Anupama, questioning her status and implying the family is beneath Kinjal. Anupama, ever the strong woman, stands her ground. She reminds Rakhi that happiness and love matter more than wealth and that the Shahs value hard work and respect.

Despite the drama, Anupama doesn’t let Rakhi’s negativity dampen the festive spirit. The episode ends with a bittersweet mix of joy and unresolved tension, leaving viewers to wonder how Rakhi will affect the Shah family dynamic. END SCENE For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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