Anupama Episode 8 Written Updated(08-Mar-2022)

Setting: Shah Household – Kitchen


  • Anupama – The protagonist, a determined housewife.
  • Vanraj – Anupama’s ex-husband, struggling with his career.
  • Samar – Anupama’s youngest son, supportive and tech-savvy.
  • Toshu – Anupama’s elder son, caught between his parents.
  • Bapuji (Hasmukh) – Vanraj’s father, wise and supportive of Anupama.

(The episode opens with a bustling morning in the Shah household. Anupama prepares breakfast while Vanraj paces anxiously, checking his phone.)

Vanraj: (frustrated) No reply again! This client meeting is crucial, and Kavya isn’t even picking up my calls.

Anupama: (calmly) Relax, Vanraj. Kavya is probably on her way. Have some breakfast.

Toshu: (enters the kitchen) Any news, Dad? Did Kavya reach the client?

Vanraj: (sighs) No idea. This is a mess. What if she messes things up?

Bapuji: (enters the kitchen) Control your temper, Vanraj. Your anxiety won’t change anything.

Samar: (enters the kitchen with his phone) Wait, I have an idea! Mom, remember you were talking about starting a YouTube channel for your recipes?

Anupama: (smiles) Yes, Samar. But that’s just an idea.

Samar: Not anymore! Look, I can help you set it up. Imagine, “Anupama ki Rasoi” – everyone can learn delicious recipes from you!

Anupama: (eyes twinkling) An online cooking show? That’s actually a great idea! But wouldn’t it be too much work?

Toshu: Mom, you’re a natural cook! And with Samar’s help, it could be a huge hit.

Vanraj: (scoffs) A cooking show? Really? Who needs to see another housewife cook online?

Anupama: (firmly) It’s not just about housewives, Vanraj. Food connects people, brings families together. Sharing recipes is about sharing happiness.

Bapuji: (places a hand on Anupama’s shoulder) She’s right, Vanraj. Your mother has a gift, and this could be a wonderful way to share it with the world.

Samar: (excitedly) We can even use Dad’s old camera to film! It’ll be a family project!

Vanraj hesitates, then sighs in defeat

Vanraj hesitates, then sighs in defeat

Vanraj: Fine. Do what you want, Anu. Just make sure it doesn’t interfere with your actual duties.

Anupama: (smiles) Thank you, Vanraj. And don’t worry, I can handle it all.

(Later that evening, Anupama and Samar stand in the kitchen, setting up the camera. Anupama wears a bright smile.)

Anupama: Okay, Samar, are we ready?

Samar: (grinning) Ready, Mom! Remember, keep it simple, keep it delicious! Action!

Anupama: (takes a deep breath and looks into the camera) Namaste everyone! Welcome to the first episode of Anupama ki Rasoi! Today, we’re going to be making my signature dish – Aloo ka Thepla!

(Anupama begins explaining the recipe with a newfound confidence, a hint of excitement in her voice. Vanraj watches from the living room, a flicker of curiosity replacing his initial disapproval.)

(The episode ends with Anupama finishing the thepla, a sense of accomplishment on her face.) For More Update Please Check APNE TV

Next Episode Preview: We see Anupama’s first video gaining views online. Kavya returns, and tension arises between her and Vanraj. Anupama receives an unexpected call.

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