Anupama Episode 31 Written Updated(oct, 28 2022)

The air hummed with the chanting of “Hare Krishna” as Anupama gracefully performed the aarti. Beside her stood Vanraj, a comfortable distance away. Kavya, dressed to impress, watched from across the room, a tight smile plastered on her face.

Leela, Vanraj’s mom, playfully teased him, “Focus on the puja today, Vanraj! You can chat with Anupama later.” Kavya’s smile faltered. Did Leela mean to jab at her?

Later, on the cool night balcony, Kavya found herself alone. Anupama joined her, concern etched on her face.

“Everything alright, Kavya?” Anupama asked gently.

Kavya hesitated. “This whole family thing… it’s tough,” she confessed.

Anupama understood. “Change is, Kavya.”

“But you and Vanraj, you seem so connected,” Kavya blurted, her voice tight.

Anu sighed. “We share a history, but that’s the past. Vanraj and I are just co-parents. Building a new life takes trust.”

Kavya scoffed. “Easy to say, Anupama. Seeing you two together…”

Anupama’s gaze softened. “Kavya, trust me, the past is buried. I want happiness for Vanraj and you. Give him, give your relationship, a chance.”

Kavya stared out at the moonlit night, Anupama’s words swirling in her head. Could she conquer her doubts? The scene fades, leaving the answer a mystery. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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