Anupama Episode 14 Written Updated (14-May-2022)

The Upward Climb

Excitement fills the Shah household as Vanraj announces his promotion to Senior Manager. Leela beams with pride, planning a celebratory feast. Anupama, ever the supportive wife, congratulates him warmly, her heart swelling with happiness.

A Crack in the Facade

However, a subtle tension emerges. Vanraj receives a text message, his expression shifting from delight to annoyance. He quickly dismisses it to Anupama, hinting at a hidden secret. Later that night, a hidden phone call reveals Vanraj’s connection with a colleague named Kavya. The conversation, though brief, suggests a closer bond than just work colleagues. Anupama, unaware, remains oblivious.

Financial Friction

The next morning, the celebratory mood continues. Vanraj, feeling flush with success, impulsively promises their son Toshu a brand new VR headset using his bonus money. Anupama, ever practical, voices her concern about responsible spending. However, Leela readily sides with Vanraj, creating a subtle financial rift within the family.

Financial Friction Anupama episode 14

The Secret Stash

Anupama’s worries intensify when Vanraj mentions unforeseen “work-related expenses” he hadn’t mentioned before. She notices a secretive air around him as he pockets the bonus money. This secretive behavior, coupled with the earlier phone call, leaves Anupama with a nagging unease.

Seeds of Doubt

The episode ends with a sense of unease. Anupama’s joy for Vanraj’s success is overshadowed by financial concerns and a budding suspicion. Could Vanraj be hiding something more than just work expenses? Is Kavya more than just a colleague? The seeds of doubt are sown, leaving viewers to speculate about the challenges that may lie ahead for Anupama and her family.

This Episode ends with Anupama’s joy turning to unease as Vanraj hides work expenses and secretly chats with Kavya. Will his promotion bring more celebration or hidden trouble? For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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