Anupama Episode 10 Written Updated(22-Jul-2020)

Anupama hums while making breakfast, a stark contrast to her past. Vanraj enters, grumpy. Kavya calls, frustrated about something with Vanraj. Anupama later meets Anuj, nervous about her cooking show audition. Anuj offers support, a touch lingering a moment too long. Kavya walks in, surprised.

At home, Pakhi sulks about not making the dance team. Anupama encourages her, but Vanraj criticizes her. Later, at a cafe with Anuj, Kavya arrives unexpectedly. She spots a pottery class flyer, sparking her interest. Surprisingly, she suggests they go together. Anuj and Anupama exchange surprised looks.

Anupama episode 10

Back home, Kavya and Anupama stand proudly beside their misshapen clay pots, laughing. Vanraj enters, confused. Kavya explains they took a pottery class together. Anupama defends them, saying “There’s more to life.” Vanraj frowns, a hint of introspection.

In the corner, Pakhi watches, inspired. She picks up a discarded piece of clay and starts molding it, a spark of hope replacing her silkiness. For More Update Please Check APNE TV

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